Aleksa Manila
​Egan’s Ballard Jam House

Eladio Precadio
Erv Raible -for many years of guidance

Francina Noordhoek
Filipino-American Community of Seattle
​Jerry Ines​
John Engerman
Julia's On Broadway
Michael Mikowski
Rodney Dungo
Seattle Gay News
Sherry Eaker - Backstage Bistro

Steve Macfarlane

​​​​​​​​​​​​​THANK YOU2019 Donors!

(Categories listed to honor past and present cabaret venues.)

Le Chat Noir (The Black Cat)  $5,000 and above

Le Chat Noir was a nineteenth-century entertainment establishment, in the bohemian Montmartre district of Paris. It opened on 18 November 1881 and is thought to be the first modern cabaret .

Brian Silkworth & Bill Colter

The Cricket Foundation

Überbrettl (Superstage) $1000 +

 Überbrettl was the first venue in Germany for literary cabaret, or Kabarett, founded 1901 in Berlin.

Linda Hunt

​Tom & Sue Bohn

The Carlyle $500-$999

The Carlyle where the golden age of New York cabaret comes alive each night. 

Aleksa Manila & Alex Nucci

​Alma & James Kern

Bill McKee & ​Maria Batayola

Dai & Akiko Yanagishima

Deering Design Studio, Inc

Sofia-Cristina Visan

Stephen MacFarlane

Todd V. Smith

The Duplex $250

The Duplex is the cornerstone club in Greenwich Village, the cradle of New York City cabaret.

​Erik Aaker & Jim Ransier

Tre Argerious & Natalie Bicknell

Mort & Sally Hurt

Thumper's $100-$249

Thumper's was the grand old gay restaurant/piano bar that was at 15th and Madison on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.​

​Aaron M Frein, Agnes Navarro & Alan Garcia, Anne Torvik, Bobby Hougham & Jenny Fort, ​Charlott Bontrager & Trevor Koop, Claire & Michael Rootjes, David Owen Hastings, Davis Harding & Tom Vangen, Francina H Noordhoek, ​Gina & Rob Rose, ​Janet L. Thoman, Jean Holmblad, ​Kathy & Bruce Bryant, Kannan Ramasubramanian, Lisa & Rick Loucas, Lou Vargas, Lynn Flaherty  & Ben Magista, ​Maria A. Guillen, Marilyn Silkworth, Michael DuBois & Jeremy West, Patrick Conlin, Stacia Beyl, Steve Person & Bob Bigford, Toni & Gordy Anderson

The Bistro $50-$75 

Carole Barrer & Lorrie Wallace, Jeri & Mike Rootjes,  Karin Kajita, Kit & Michael Chamberlin, ​Linda Vane, Mimi MacLeod, Sarah Hasbrook, Scott Smith & Bob Powers

The ​Patron $25 -$49

Helen Gamble, Jocelyn Coke (Pain), Kathleen Jobe