NEW DAY: Artist Arnaldo! Dragchanteuse and the Sweet Spot Combo perform "You Make Me Feel So Young" live in-studio. The Cabaret Festival is Mar 5-28 at Egan's Ballard. Watch HERE

King 5 TV, February 24, 2020

"Build bridges, not walls” through cabaret and performance, says Arnaldo!, founder of Pacific Northwest Cabaret Association 

International Examiner, February 2019

March has been Cabaret Month off and on since the 1990’s, and here in Seattle, Cabaret Month hails from 2008, when it was initially presented at Julia’s On Broadway. This year, Cabaret Month will be celebrated by a festival launched on February 27 at the Triple Door.  Seattle’s festival is produced by the Pacific Northwest Cabaret Association, whose mission is, according to their website, “to promote and to preserve the art of the cabaret: intimate storytelling through music.”  The PNWCA was founded in 2006 by Arnaldo!, a self-described dragchanteuse whose musical roots began outside of the drag convention. “I was singing with the Seattle Men’s Chorus and I was asked to perform in drag for the very first time in 1991,” Arnaldo said. “I had my second thoughts about performing publicly in drag, but I thought what ‘s wrong being in drag? I do it for Halloween!”  Read more

ART ZONE with Angie Louise, songwriter and frontwoman for The Love Markets, highlights happenings in the coming weeks, including the 25th Brazilian Carnaval at the iconic Crocodile; gorgeous flowers and gardens at the Washington State Convention Center; a superhero filmmaking workshop for kids at SIFF; and opening night of March Cabaret Month, featuring The Love Markets, at The Triple Door.  Watch HERE