​Pacific Northwest Cabaret Association/March Is Cabaret Month is powered by Shunpike.

 Established in 2006, the Pacific Northwest Cabaret Association (PNWCA) is dedicated to promote and to preserve the art of the cabaret: intimate storytelling through music. Our vision is to create a vibrant cabaret audience and a community of artists by producing The March is Cabaret Month (MICM) Festival, a cabaret newsletter and offering annual cabaret workshops and master classes.

PNWCA is the producing arm of "March is Cabaret Month" (MICM) festival. The festival is committed to providing artists the opportunity to create their own show and to giving the artists the majority of the ticket sales. We can only continue to fiscally do this with your support.

In 2017, PNWCA joined the umbrella 501c3 arts organization Shunpike whose mission is to provide independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success. To donate with your tax deductible contributions,  please go HERE